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(The Gambia)

As we grow older, we gain years and wisdom.

Over time, our health changes and we have to find ways to age well.

As an older person, what has been your health experience as you have grown older?


How have you accepted, enjoyed, celebrated ageing and managed any challenges?


Choose an art form below and WhatsApp your answer to +220 2127025 


WhatsApp a 3 minute video 


WhatsApp a document
or 3 minute video


WhatsApp a picture of
your art / photo

MIXED MEDIA Eg. sculpture/
fashion design/ other

WhatsApp a picture of your art / photo


D10 000


D6 000


D4 000



60+ years, living in The Gambia


1 August 2023



30 October 2023


 30 November 2023

(Winners will be announced on Art of Ageing website and social media platforms)

Entries should be from those aged 60 years or older. Only if necessary, can participants get assistance from someone under 60 years. The reason for this and assistance provided needs to be clearly explained.

    i. Entries are restricted to one person in all creative categories and should be from those aged 60 years or older. Only if necessary, can participants get assistance from someone under 60 years. The reason for this and assistance provided needs to be clearly explained. ii. Total entries will be shortlisted by the Art of Ageing team. iii. In Zimbabwe, these finalists will advance to a mentorship stage. There is no mentorship stage in Art of Ageing competition in The Gambia. iv. The competition winner decision is final. No correspondence about the competition judging will be entered into with anyone other than the winners. v. The Art of Ageing will not be liable for any loss or damage arising from your entry in the competition or from your enjoyment from any prize you may win. vi. The Art of Ageing reserves the right at any time to cancel, change or replace the competition, including alteration of the prizes, if in its discretion, it considers that the competition cannot be conducted as is set out in these terms and conditions or for any reason beyond its control. vii. Any questions, complaints or comments about the promotion can be made in writing and sent to the following email address: viii. Participants of the competition give the Art of Ageing, its partners and organisers of the competition permission to use, free of charge, any received art, photos, videos or contributions linked to the competition, to be used in promotional activities relating to the competition and in relation to the announcement of the winner through all media including radio, television and the internet. ix. At the request of the Art of Ageing, the competition participants have the option to cooperate in promotional activities of the Art of Ageing competition, including publicity regarding the announcements of the winners across all media (radio, television, internet). For cooperating with these promotional activities, no financial compensation shall be expected to be paid. x. The competition participants are obliged to provide accurate, current and complete information when participating in this competition. The Art of Ageing may request a winner, before presenting the award/prize to provide proof of their identity. xi. The prizes are awarded in their current state. The Art of Ageing will not be responsible for any visible or hidden defects in the prize nor for any damage during handing over of the prize. xii. Prize money transfer will be carried out in person or via established money transfer platforms of the Art of Ageing’s choosing. Should you be unable to receive money through these channels an alternative recipient will need to be provided. The Art of Ageing is only responsible for the transfer of funds to this recipient and will not take any responsibility to any loss or damages to prizes after they have reached their agreed destination. xiii. The Art of Ageing is in no way responsible for any problems or defects arising from the use of the website, social media pages, other online platforms and/or downloading any components whatsoever in relation to the competition. xiv. Entries must be created wholly by the person submitting the piece. Artificial Intelligence (AI) generated artwork/ videos and similar means of art generation will not be eligible. xv. The Art of Ageing has the right to disqualify participants if they believe that participants are not acting in conformity with general or specific terms and conditions of this competition, or if the participant is otherwise fraudulently accessing the competition or unfairly influencing the course of the competition. xvi. The Art of Ageing is entitled to, at its discretion and without notice, change or modify these terms and conditions specific to the promotion for the duration of the promotion and without giving reasons to discontinue, modify or adapt the competition for reasons of its own without any obligation to compensate any damages on behalf of the participant. xvii. Any changes or adaptations within the competition will be made public in an appropriate manner. xviii. Any person trying to circumvent the entry process by any method, including through the use of multiple names, phone numbers, home addresses will be disqualified along with any other suspected entries.

For more information contact​



Art of Ageing Zimbabwe Competition


Music –

Top 5

  1. Hopley Group

  2. Wilson Mbalo

  3. Etina Nyika Group

  4. Eddyson Chiwara

  5. Benjamin Mupavaenda

Prose –

Top 6

  1. Rosebud Ndlovu

  2. Thandiwe Muzenda

  3. Dorothy Manjerere

  4. Ahani Dube

  5. Rose Hanyanye

  6. Winter Kadhawu

Mixed Media – Top 7

  1. Lovemore Mandiopera

  2. Florence Nyakapini

  3. Francis Pidza

  4. Jescar Makavi

  5. Pauline Chisvo

  6. Loveness Kamwendo

  7. Mostaff Chetumbaya

They will be advancing to the Mentorship Stage, where they will be creating their FINAL PROJECTS!​

Winner Announcement – 30 November 2023

Congratulations! Makorokoto! Amhlophe!

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